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Dacia Sud Hotelier Complex, Mamaia

Phone Number: 0241 83 18 12, 0241.83 18 72, 0241.83 18 73
Fax : 0241.83 18 11
E-mail: office@dacia-sud.ro, rezervari@dacia-sud.ro, dacia_sud@yahoo.com

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Dacia Sud restaurant

A restaurant for your family!

Restaurant Dacia Sud Mamaia

Dacia Sud restaurant is a select location for its diversity, intimacy and refinement. The restaurant has a capacity of 300 seats: 200 in the salon, equipped with air-conditioner, and 100 on the terrace, situated near the beach. Both the salon and the terrace...


Dacia Sud Mamaia Hotel

You love the sea, you love Dacia Sud hotel!

Restaurant Dacia Sud Mamaia

Placed in the south part of the Mamaia resort, Dacia Sud Hotelier Complex is the perfect location for a memorable holiday on the Romanian seaside or for a successful business meeting. With a 30 years experience in tourism we know that ...



Noblesse Ballroom

Fine menus prepared with mastery. One word: Noblesse!

Noblesse Ballroom

Vraja Marii restaurant

An unique place for its diversity, intimacy and refinement.

Noblesse Ballroom

Belona Hotel

Its 70 rooms are equipped with cable television, phone, fridge and air conditioning.

Noblesse Ballroom
Hotel Dacia Sud Mamaia

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